Put a Damper on Mold and Improve Indoor Air Quality with Mold Armor and DampRid

(MEMPHIS, TN) Studies by Harvard University show between 40 and 50% of homes in North America have moisture and mold problems serious enough to significantly increase respiratory symptoms among occupants. Mold Armor, America’s leader in mold detection, cleaning and prevention, and DampRid, the original non-electric, non-toxic, maintenance-free dehumidifier support Mold Awareness Month and encourage homeowners to safeguard their families and homes against mold, mildew and moisture problems.

In a recent poll by Reader’s Digest, mold was ranked the 2nd greatest concern for homeowners, more threatening than lead paint and pesticides. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. They estimate Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.

“For better indoor air quality, the most important thing homeowners can do is control indoor moisture and humidity,” said Dennis Shireman, a home care expert with W.M. Barr. “The trick is to find the right balance. 50% or lower relative humidity is the magic number for optimal comfort. Products such as DampRid Moisture Absorbers remove excess moisture from the air and automatically bring relative humidity to just the right level.”

If mold has already invaded the home, there are several solutions available to help eradicate the problem. Mold Armor products are guaranteed to clean mold stains indoors and outdoors, prevent mold stains for up to 3 months and offers a Do-It-Yourself kit that tests for the presence of mold. To help combat mold, mildew, and moisture issues in the home, Mold Armor and DampRid recommend:

  • Control moisture levels and monitor humidity indoors
  • Dry wet areas immediately
  • Identify problem areas in the home and correct them
  • Use mold-resistant products
  • Improve airflow
  • Test for mold with a Do-It-Yourself test kit

About Mold Armor:

Founded in 2008, Mold Armor is the first line of products 100% dedicated to fighting mold and preventing it from coming back. It has stronger products to clean mold stains indoors and out, products that prevent mold stains for 3 months and a test kit to detect mold. Mold Armor has stronger products for powerful mold stain control. For more information, visit http://www.moldarmor.com.

About DampRid:

Founded in 1948, DampRid is the worldwide market leader for effective, safe and affordable nonelectric dehumidifiers. Through the years, DampRid has introduced a number of products designed to absorb moisture, eliminate odors and is continually expanding and improving its line. Today’s line of DampRid products control moisture in all areas of the home, vacation home, cars, boats, and RVs. DampRid products are available for purchase at major retailers, grocery stores and online at http://www.damprid.com/products, or by calling 1-888-326-7743. For more information, visit www.damprid.com.

Both Mold Armor and DampRid are owned by W.M. Barr and based in Memphis, Tennessee.