How To Make Tough Household Chores Easier

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Household chores are nobody’s idea of a good time. But the more time your family spends enjoying your home, the dirtier it seems to get — with all those muddy footprints, spilled drinks and stains clinging to your carpets, wood floors, upholstery and even your garage floor.

Here are some shortcuts to make tough household chores easier:

Do Double Duty

Time is precious, so start multitasking! Do the laundry while simultaneously cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming your living room.

Start by tossing a load into the washing machine.While it cleans, spray your bathroom tub, sink,tiles and toilet with a multipurpose cleaner. Don’tstart scrubbing, yet. Instead, let the cleaner startworking on the dirt while you vacuum the livingroom. Then wipe down your bathroom surfacesand move your laundry from the washer to thedryer.

Another way to save time and money is by using a cleaning product that also can multitask. Instead of having different cleaners, use one powerful mess remover, such as Goof Off Heavy Duty Spot Remover & Degreaser, which works both inside and outside your house on many surfaces. This way you can use the same cleaner to remove spots, stains, spills and greasy messes on wood, tile floors, linoleum, walls, upholstery and even clothing.

Dust Smarter

Dusting shouldn’t be about pushing debris from one surface to another and wasting time in the process. Move faster by trying a favorite trick of many time-pressed homemakers: use a lint roller to remove dust on drapes and cloth lampshades.

And to quickly keep drapes and upholstery fabrics fresh, try using your iron’s steam setting and gently hover over the fabric.

Attack the Garage

Lawn furniture, tools and sporting equipment are magnets for dust and grime. And it sometimes seems every greasy mess imaginable has taken over your garage floor. The trick to attacking your garage is to get things off the floor and use powerful cleaners that minimize scrubbing time.

Start by using hooks to hang ladders, tools and bicycles. Once you can see the floor, it’s time to hit the floor. Car oil is one of the most difficult stains, owing to its makeup. Use a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser with a micro-emulsion formula that penetrates deep into grease. Just apply, agitate it a bit with a stiff brush and wipe away those stains without using too much of your own elbow grease.

“A comfortable, lived-in home is going to get dirty, but you can attack tough household messes with the right cleaner that will clean mistakes both inside and outside your home” says Tim Whelan, Sr. Brand Manager at W.M. Barr, the only national manufacturer of specialty solvents, removers, cleaning and surface prep products.

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Cleaning your home may not be fun, but it needn’t be the most time-consuming chore.