Goof Off® Stain and Spot Remover Offers Miracle Removing Tips on How to Tackle Back to School Messes

MEMPHIS, TN – August 17, 2011 – It’s back to school time again and as kids make their annual trip back to the classroom, parents have begun to make their annual trip back to the drawing board. Faced with an array of new and mysterious back to school messes; parents are discovering stain and spot removal to be a real battle. From melted crayons all over the car seats to arts and crafts messes covering the carpet and walls, Goof-Off® is pleased to offer a few Miracle Removing tips to help parents wage war against a whole slew of goofs. And, for the month of September, a special back to school discount of 10% will be applied toward all products ordered through, plus free shipping on all order over $25, the promo code is SEPG.

Miracle Remover Tip #1 – Removing glue

1. If the glue hasn’t dried, wipe off as much of it as possible, carefully, so as not to spread it over a bigger area.

2. Spray Goof Off® Heavy Duty directly on the problem. 2. Wait for it to penetrate.

3. Wipe that glue right off the surface.

Miracle Remover Tip #2 – Removing Decal and Stickers Adhesive

The easiest, quickest and safest method to remove adhesive residue from a decal or sticker from just about any surface is to spray on Goof Off® Heavy Duty, let it dissolve the decal and residue and then wipe it away. It’s safe, effective and works in one step, with no harsh fumes and no damage to the surface.