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EPA Methylene Chloride Fact Sheet

The EPA has established additional standards related to the usage of methylene chloride for paint stripping.

The rule does not ban the sale of MeCL removers, nor does it prohibit their use by individuals or businesses, including collision shops.

Compliance Information

All products manufactured and distributed in the U.S. and internationally are subject to local, state and federal regulations. To comply, we perform safety testing, meet labeling guidelines of regulatory agencies, and adhere to applicable regulations for all ingredients and ingredient formulations that make up our products.

Products classified as antimicrobials, such as disinfectants/sanitizers or mold cleaners are subject to registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These formulations undergo detailed EPA review of the chemistry, efficacy and toxicology aspects of the formulation before approval for sale. Labeling and packaging of these products are strictly governed by the EPA with predetermined criteria based on the nature of the product.

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